George’s Marvellous Medicine

…by Roald Dahl.

George Kranky lives with his parents Mr and Mrs Kranky and his maternal Grandma. Unlike most grandmas, George’s Grandma is a mean and nasty old lady who only thinks about herself and wants all the attention. Nothing is good enough for this grumpy, grumbling, grouchy lady. And so George decides to teach her a lesson. By making a concoction of his own medicine to replace the one she normally has. This medicine is made of ingredients lying all around the house. And the consequences are surprising! As Dahl warns kids in the beginning, Do not make this at home!

Once again, this is a creatively woven story that appeals to the rule-breaker in all of us! I’m sure we all go through phases where we don’t like someone and wish we could teach themĀ  a lesson. Through George, we all get to live this! Once again, I am amazed at Dahl’s creative genius. He is able to get into a child’s mind so perfectly. Once again, a book I would recommend for you to read to your kids. Or with them. Or to read yourself and re-visit your childhood!

I rate it a 4.

Until next time,