Sisters of Mercy

…by Caroline Overington.

Snow Delaney is in prison. And from prison, she communicates with journalist Jack Fawcett who followed her case as she thinks he was biased. Snow was born miles away and years apart from her sister Agnes. A sister whose existence she didn’t know about until her father’s death where Snow finds out that she is not the only beneficiary to her father’s large estate. Agnes though is now missing. A day after she visited Snow and possibly having disappeared in the red dust that blanketed Sydney on 23rd September 2009. As Snow protests her innocence through her letters to Jack, his research just might reveal something more than what Snow tells.

Is Snow responsible for the disappearance of her sister?

Why is Snow in prison?

Has she been unfairly judged? 

Was it trial by media or did she get a fair trial? 

To answer some of these questions, you need to read the book.

This book was a bit different from most books in that while it started with the premise of Agnes’ disappearance, it takes us to a whole different level in terms of Snow’s actions that lead her to be arrested. The chapters are in the form of letters from Snow and Jack’s own research. The truth in the end, is to the reader’s discretion based on all the information provided. Overington once again explores social issues including disabilities and foster care in our society. She also explores how the media can sometimes be quick to judge someone and how they possibly exaggerate stories. And yet, amidst all this, we, the bystanders, need to come to our own conclusions. The ending is probably not what you expect and leaves you wanting more. Initially I was a bit stunned at the way it ended — I felt like I didn’t have closure. But as I sat back and thought about it, I felt like it did its job. It’s not a fluke that Caroline Overington is one of my favourite Australian authors. I like her style of writing and her themes. There were several instances while reading I had to remind myself that it was a piece of fiction…because it felt so real! And any author who manages to do that is great at their craft.

My rating is 4.

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Note: This review was originally posted on my personal blog.  


One comment on “Sisters of Mercy

  1. NS says:

    It is interesting how you read so many genres and authors. Your reviews make me realize there are soooo many good authors and stories yet to be discovered by me..

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