Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight

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Author: Jennifer E Smith

A love story spanning across only a day. Almost seems like a movie. In this teen love story, lot of emotions are explored – betrayal, loneliness, fears and friendship.

Hadley is upset at being asked to attend her father’s wedding after being already devastated about his exit from her and her mother’s lives. Before the journey, she misses her flight and meets a sexy British, Oliver. The long journey seems sweet and too short because she spends it talking to Oliver. Oliver makes her feel good and forget about her worries. Little does Hadley know at that time that Oliver is fighting his own battles silently.

They part at London airport with a memorable kiss. Hadley moves towards her father’s wedding venue with remorse that she has no way to contact Oliver.

But they meet again. And again. In the next 24 hours.

What brings them together again? How do they manage to meet without knowing each other’s whereabouts?

That is destiny at work.

This book is clearly a YA book. From a grown up’s point of view, the story is childish and weak. For example, I found the concept of Hadley having to see her father getting married to another woman and then accept the logic that ‘love just happened’ ridiculous. You can’t exactly forgive your good father, who drops a bomb at your home saying while he was away teaching in college in another country, he fell in love with someone and will be marrying her. And your Mom urges you to attend the wedding.

Chemistry between Hadley and Oliver was tepid. For love at first sight and the work of destiny, one would expect a spicier and fierier story. I saw no soulful connection between the two. While Oliver was more expressive and charming, Hadley was just remote and expressionless.

I had been quite keen on this book (and got one copy for my office library!) but I was quite disappointed. Realistically, this is a teen novel and will be appreciated by teens. It has all the elements of a sweet love story without bothering about complicated details.

I would only rate it a 1 / 5.


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