Switch Bitch

…by Roald Dahl.

Switch Bitch is a collection of short stories with the central theme of sex and erotica. If you are a bit prudish, don’t let that put you off the book. Do read on.

The first short story is The Visitor which features one of Dahl’s character’s Uncle Oswald who is known for his sexual escapades with several women. Here, Uncle Oswald finds himself to be an unexpected guest at the mansion of Mr Aziz during his travels in Egypt. As he spends the night flirting with both the wife and daughter of Mr Aziz, he believes he has won them over. And he does get a visit in the night but is unable to tell who it is…

The second story is The Great Switcheroo which is a daring attempt by two married men to switch places in order to sleep with the other’s wife. The planning, the precision and the risk involved are all too great. Does it work out? And can anyone actually win a risky game such as this?

The third story, The Last Act, has as its main protagonist a woman who has lost her husband of many years in a car accident. As she contemplates ending her own life, she is caught up in work which gives her meaning. She reignites contact with an ex-beau but then ending of this contact is one completely unexpected to her. And to the reader.

Finally, the last story, Bitch, also features Uncle Oswald. In this story a scientist attempts to create a scent that will result in a man reacting like a dog when it sees a bitch in heat. However, with such a dangerous scent, the outcome surely cannot be a positive one. Especially when it already involves the incorrigible Uncle Oswald!

All in all, the stories are fascinating with brilliant twists in the end. The consequence of falling prey to lust without thinking of the aftermath is portrayed beautifully without any judgement in all four stories. While the characters may not stand out much (apart from Uncle Oswald), the plots are ingenious and filled with dark humour. Once again, having never read Dahl’s work for adults, I found myself mesmerised enough to read this in one sitting. I would highly recommend this book and give it a rating of 5.

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2 comments on “Switch Bitch

  1. Roald Dahl’s book on sex and erotica?? I didn’t even know he wrote those. Should be interesting, given his comical disposition 🙂

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