The Tattooed Man

…by Alex Palmer.

Commander Paul Harrigan is called to a gruesome murder scene in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Four people are dead. One is a Senator’s ex-wife. Another, his teenage son. The third is someone unknown. And finally, one is a corrupt detective from the police force, Mike Cassat who has been missing. In a mummified state. They have all been shot in the head.

As Harrigan searches for the killers, he becomes embroiled in a mess around corruption, politics, terrorism, fraud, biotechnology and espionage. With the help of his girlfriend Grace Riordan, who works for a specialist anti-terrorism organisation and can’t talk much about her work, and his own team, Harrigan tries to crack the mystery. It takes him to different suburbs in Sydney to rural New South Wales to connections in Africa.

What is Cassat’s connection with the other victims?

Who is or are the killers?

Why is Harrigan’s own son, suffering from cerebral palsy kidnapped?

And will there be any justice?

The book was not great by any standard for mystery and thrillers. It felt like there were several issues trying to be tackled at the same time to the point where it became too far-fetched. So much so, I actually took a break from it and read a whole other book in between. In my opinion, a thriller should be a page-turner…one where you can’t wait to find out whodunit. I didn’t get that feel with this book at all. After all, I was able to take a break! The ending was a bit weird and anti-climactic too…which is saying something when the book wasn’t all that thrilling. And while the characters of Harrigan and Riordan were pretty good, no one else really seemed realistic. All in all, a disappointment for me.

I give it a rating of 1.

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