Black Seconds

…by Karin Fossum.

Nine year old Ida Joner goes for ride in her bicycle only not to return. Panic sets in and her mother, Helga, contacts every relative and friend of the little girl to see if anyone has seen her. As time passes by with the child nowhere to be found, call is made to the police and they start an investigation. Inspector Sejer and Inspector Skarre are assigned the case and they start with inquiring friends and family. Days pass without any clue leading to what might have happened to the girl.

What happened to Ida Joner between the time she left the house and the time she is found? Is she safe and happily reunited with the family or is she hurt? Does the police find and punish the culprit(s)? All this and more is answered in this story.

The storyline is interesting and that’s why I picked up the book. I was looking forward to reading a mystery novel after quite sometime. But from that angle, I was a bit disappointed because after getting a good grip of the story and its characters, I actually solved the crime.  That did not deter me from wanting to read further and here’s why – the characters involved had aspects of them that made me want to explore further as to how the inspectors went about solving the crime. And from that angle, I wasn’t let down a bit – the investigation, the questioning of witnesses and accused, the putting together the pieces of the puzzle – all this is sure to keep one engrossed.

Overall, this decent psychological thriller makes for a good read.

My rating: 3*.

*for the rating scale, click here.


One comment on “Black Seconds

  1. I find that I can pick the crims really easily nowadays….thanks to all the training from Nancy Drews and other mystery novels…Mary Higgins Clarke’s books are the most predictable by the way. I found Sophie Hannah challenging actually…unable to figure out the culprit in any of her books so far. But yeah storyline for this sounds interesting. Will pick it at the library when I’m in a thriller mood. 🙂

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