Tag Tuesday – 9

The topic for this week’s Tag Tuesday is as follows:

Name a book that disappointed you. Why did you have high expectations? What was it about the book that didn’t meet those expectations?

Go on and discuss this.

If you wish, you can also write a post on your blog and leave us a link.

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5 comments on “Tag Tuesday – 9

  1. Mine would be The Alchemist. Had heard big things about it but once I read it, it seemed to fall flat. Didn’t particularly buy the message it sold either…

  2. anna's mom says:

    i think for me it would be anna karenina. i laboured through it because i didn’t want to leave it half-read. but it was so booooring. i didn’t read war and peace because of that.

    • Hmm…haven’t read it…and won’t given that recommendation! I think it’s even worse when it’s a big book you labour through and then get almost nothing!

  3. Titaxy says:

    Unaccustomed Earth.

    I was let down by the stories of problems and more. One or two stories working from that angle is fine, but a series of stories in that theme got me bored and uninterested.

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