KKrishna’s Konfessions

…by Smita Jain

For anyone who has watched the infamous K series soaps on Star Plus, the theme of the book would be obviously clear. But for those who do not know, Star Plus channel in India had this burst of emotional drama soaps(in Hindi language) that became a national craze. Most of these were produced by “Balaji TeleFilms” and their names started with the letter “K” as its owner Ekkta Kapoor believed in the power of auspicious alphabets. Every housewife in India was hooked on to these sagas and they thus became a general topic of humo

Coming back to the book, KKrishna is the screenplay writer for a hit TV serial. She is now faced by a seemingly insurmountable writer’s block and her creative director knows it too.  The producers are pending on the decision of changing the writer for the show and who else must it be other than Dev Trivedi, her college friend with whom she shares a love-hate relationship.To save her reputation and her livelihood, KKrishna starts looking for new sources of inspiration. While doing so she and Dev happen to witness a murder! Things get muddled and later unraveled as the murderer starts pursuing them, and they get actively involved in the investigation.

The book is very fast paced and seemingly exposes (comically of course) the underbelly of the world of soaps and TV production. Kkrishna herself has no ethical or moral qualms when it comes to her job. She is ready to cheat, lie, seduce and basically do anything to get her job done. The story though predictable, loops through a lot of hilarious twists. The characters too are extremely lovable ranging from the neighborhood pervert to the fat policeman. As for the plot, KKrishna’s broad perspective and wild theories  help the police in solving the murder successfully. Also there is the sub-plot of her relationship with Dev, the one for whom our protagonist nurses a secret crush while donning a façade of contempt and hate.

All in all the book is a hilarious and light-hearted riot! You do need an open mind to read it but it promises to be a page turner in many ways. The best thing I liked about the book is that the author is clear that it is only a chick-lit and so the expectations are set and met with proper satisfaction. It is not a literary delight but it is just what it is.

Pick it up for a very light and entertaining read.

My Rating – 3*


2 comments on “KKrishna’s Konfessions

  1. Titaxy says:

    Hmm…doesn’t seem to fall under my liking…an open mind, as you say, is what I need if I ever read it 🙂

  2. Hmm…if I ever see it in the library may pick it up. Apparently the author was/is a blogger too. Had read a review a year or so ago liking it as well. I guess if I’m looking for a light read it may be worthwhile…

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