Summer at Tiffany

…by Marjorie Hart.

Set in the mid 1940s, this book is the author’s memoir of the summer she spent in New York City working as the first every female page in the famous Tiffany and Co. along with her best friend. She chronicles how she and her friend, girls from Iowa move to NYC, and spend their time there first looking for a job, then finding one and moving on to exploring so much that the city has to offer once they have a steady income.

As the author writes about her best summer ever, the reader gets a glimpse at the charming city of New York back in those days, the insides of Tiffany and Co., and the sweet bond of friendship the girls share.  The writing is simple and the flow of the book is fine enough to have the reader’s attention. Unlike any other memoir that I’ve read, the storyline of this book is on the light; it’s on the easy-to-read side of the spectrum.

It has bit of Chic Lit flavor to it; so the fact that I took up reading this after a couple of serious books made me appreciate it more. Reading this in between two heart-wrenching stories made for a good transition…not sure if I would’ve enjoyed it just as much had that not been the case because, in parts, it felt dull.

Overall, a quick read, if you are looking for one.

My rating: 3*.

*for the rating scale, click here.


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