Love Story

…by Erich Segal.

Oliver, a wealthy guy who goes to Harvard and plays in the school’s Hockey team, meets Jennifer, who is a music student at Radcliffe and her father a baker in Rhode Island, in a library. They fall in love and get married, even though Oliver’s father has objections. After marriage, they go through ups and downs, but live happily with each other. Jenny supports the family as Oliver goes to law school. Once he graduates, he lands a good job in a law firm New York City. With time, they decide to have a baby; but end up having to seek a doctor when they see nothing happening even after months of trying to conceive. That’s when they learn of a health issue that Jennifer has; something that is incurable. What happens next; how they cope with the shocking news – makes up the rest of the story.

I stumbled upon this book during one of my recent visits to the bookstore and since I’ve heard people talking so much about how good it is, I didn’t think twice before picking it up. As I started reading it, I was expecting it to be exceptional, given all the high recommendations I’ve heard over the years. And in the following few hours that took me to finish the book, I was only met with disappointment. This book didn’t do justice to all the hype; it was just mediocre.

In my opinion, the problem lies in the short length of the novel. There wasn’t enough time to develop any of the characters. Everything happened too quickly, which means, as a reader, I couldn’t connect with the depth of the couple’s love or sympathize with them during their grief. I wanted to like the book for the story has potential. But too long a story confined to a short novel brought out neither the beauty of the plot nor its characters…at least not to my liking.

Overall, a quick and easy read, if you have a few hours with nothing else to do; but don’t expect anything extraordinary.

My rating: 2*.

*for the rating scale, click here.

P.S: A book that I liked along the same storyline as this one is A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks…now that one, a sweet romantic novel, left me heartbroken with its tragic end.


10 comments on “Love Story

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  2. Hmmm…haven’t read this one as it never appealed to me. However, I’ve read The Class by the same author and quite enjoyed that…

  3. Achu says:

    This book didn’t do justice to all the hype; it was just mediocre – I sooo agree with you…

  4. this is one of those overhyped books.. I have heard so much about this and “Doctors”.. need to pick them up sometime

  5. mrigank says:

    i loved ‘Love Story’. you’re right, it’s too short, but the ‘preppy’ dialogues more than made up for it. i read somewhere that the script for the movie was turned into this book. the movie sucked, but the book was just great.

    • Titaxy says:

      Welcome !

      I guess maybe because it was meant for a movie and not a short novel that it didn’t turn out to be a satisfactory read for me, especially after all the hype that the book has 🙂

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