Front Cover Friday – 24

Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez

I like how soothing the shade of green on this cover looks. It’s calming and peaceful, and the purple border on one side adds charm to it as well. And the bird flying away from its cage symbolizes freedom; a fresh beginning; a chance to start a joyous life. Put it all together, and I love it!

Here’s another cover of the book I came across online –

The first one remains my favorite.

Here’s the summary of the plot from Borders

Situated in Ohio, a free territory before the Civil War, Tawawa House is an idyllic retreat for Southern white men who vacation there every summer with their enslaved black mistresses. It’s their open secret. Lizzie, Reenie, and Sweet are regulars at the resort, building strong friendships over the years. But when Mawu, as fearless as she is assured, comes along and starts talking of running away, things change. To run is to leave everything behind, and for some it also means escaping from the emotional and psychological bonds that bind them to their masters. When a fire on the resort sets off a string of tragedies, the women of Tawawa House soon learn that triumph and dehumanization are inseparable and that love exists even in the most inhuman, brutal of circumstances— all while they bear witness to the end of an era.

An engaging, page-turning, and wholly original novel, Wench explores, with an unflinching eye, the moral complexities of slavery.

Sounds interesting to me…will definitely read it someday.

How about you? Like the cover? Storyline? Do share.


2 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 24

  1. Scribby says:

    I liked the first one..portrays some kind of freedom…positivity…and the way ‘wench’ has been written has a special effect on it 🙂

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