The Day My Mother Left

…by James Prosek.

This is a story of how a nine year old kid, Jeremy, copes after his mother decides to leave the family. Jeremy’s life collapses when he finds out that his mother, who was his support system and source of encouragement, wants to abandon the family for another. With no contact whatsoever with his mother in the coming years, Jeremy is left alone to deal with a father who is taken over by grief and an older sister who lives in her own world. As he struggles to go through this pain, he finds ways to pull himself out of the misery by engaging in doing things that bring peace to his mind.

How does he take charge of his life? What all does he do to surround himself with positive energy when there’s pain all around him? Does Jeremy ever talk to his mom again? Does he grow to a point that he is able to forgive her for what she did? Read the book to know all this and more.

The book lets you journey through the life of a nine year old boy who comes through as a lovable optimistic character. While I found the story beautiful and tender, it lacked depth in someway. I enjoyed walking with Jeremy through tough times of his life. I liked his voice and his spirit. I was extremely moved in the initial parts of the book where the boy deals with the loss and tries to understand the situation around him. Yet, I can’t help but say that the book as a whole did not do the magic for me.

It’s an easy read. The prose, in parts, is well written, especially as the author gets into the psyche of a nine year old boy trying to decipher his emotions during turbulent times and as the author lets the character find solace in the beauty of nature and art. The writing was vivid and well crafted, in general.

Overall, this moving tale would be good for a quick read, if you are looking for one.

My rating: 2*.

*for the rating scale, click here.


2 comments on “The Day My Mother Left

  1. Scribbler says:

    9 year old dealing with such a situation..breaks your heart in an instant nah ? 😦

  2. Is it supposed to be a coming-of-age book? Sounds kinda interesting and based on your reco, I’ll probably just look for it at the library…

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