Beautiful from this angle

Debut from Maha Khan Phillips.  I got to blame my love for Pakistani Writers ; that made me pick this book. I am glad I am not disappointed. In fact quite some appreciating effort for a debutant.

So the book introduces us Amynah  Farooqui the carefree and “I –am –what- I-am-“ kind of girl who writes “Party Queen on the scene” page 3 gossip column for Karachi magazine. Even though she writes it anonymously; apparently many from the élite and page 3 party circle knows about her. She is foot loose and not apologetic about her casual sex life  and drugs addiction.

Heena and Mumtaz two best friends of Amynah  are completely different from her.  They have their own stories of their lives. While Amynah thinks they both should let go and enjoy the life.  While Mumtaz keeps trying to brain wash Amynah and her ugly habits.

Each one of them have stories woven in grey shades and their own insecurities and their own ways to deal with them. The characters look very real and the one can draw the connection is some or other way.  Mumtaz Jumps in the boom of reality television show and pulls her other two friends along with her.  She finds  Niloufar, her perfect victim for the documentary on  women suffering in Pakistan.  Things work out in much bigger way than these women think.  It takes a while for Amynah to realize how each one of them has their own agenda why they associate themselves  with the documentary.

Like Henna says “each one has to pay the price.”  Check out what price each one of them pays in the end to deal with the consequences and chaos in their lives.

What I really Liked about the book ?

  • The freshness in the story line. It is not the same old weepy story of women suffering behind the veil. ( At least I haven’t read something on these lines in ages)
  • The flow and story line is crisp. It holds you.
  • The sarcasm , irony and all this while the author tries to put it together funnily.
  • The struggle of good , bad, what one wants and what one gets. The stark realities of life. prices  paid.  The author has tried to break the mould; if I can say so.
  • It starts with the page 3 kind of plot  but soon makes you realize it is not just about the élite high-end party scenes and drugs.
  • Last but not the least the cover of the book. Me thinks it is beautifully done.


If I have to rate the book It would be 3.5  out of 5 stars.



2 comments on “Beautiful from this angle

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  2. Titaxy says:

    Sounds v intense and interesting :).

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