Tag Tuesday – 3

Hello Readers,

For this week, we want to discuss rereading

Do you reread books? If so, what’s your criteria for a book to fall under the ‘to reread’ category? How often do you find yourself rereading books? How much time do you let pass before rereading a book?

…basically anything and everything about rereading – let’s get the dialogue started!

Thanks for stopping by to take part in our Tag Tuesday posts…we really enjoy having you around and reading your responses.

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8 comments on “Tag Tuesday – 3

  1. Titaxy says:

    I don’t find myself rereading all that often. When I read a book that I enjoy thoroughly, I do make a note in my mind to revisit the book someday, but I haven’t actually followed through that much.

    The only books I remember rereading are –
    …short stories by Oscar Wilde – he was (is) one of my favorite authors during my early school days. And I find myself rereading his stories every once in a while.

    …Ideas and Opinions by Albert Einstein – this book has a collection of writings of Einstein on different topics such as war, religion, peace, etc. And I was awed by it the first time I read it that I do go back from time to time to read this book.

    …other than that all that comes to mind are a few of Shakespeare’s tragedies that I’ve read quite a few times.

    What about you?

  2. Scribbler says:

    Yes I do re-read the books that I like..love actually. Nothing specific as the criteria..just that the story line and the way of writing captures my attention and I fall for the book…

    I let go at least 3-6 months before I lay my hands on the same book yet again…

    though re-reading has been quiet infrequent but I have done that…

  3. Re-reading was a lot more frequent in childhood for me, it came easily. Now re-reading is something I’d love to do in case of some books, but I don’t know why I don’t get around to actually doing it!

  4. I do re-read books I love but it has reduced lately given that I feel like I don’t even have time to read all the new books I want! But I have re-read all my Enid Blytons a zillion times…even re-read them when I went back to Bombay last year. I re-read My Sister’s Keeper about three times and Nineteen Minutes and Salem Falls. So yeah…I will re-read a book I love because it’s obviously not difficult to read and it doesn’t consume energy after reading a lot of draining books…

  5. Smitha says:

    I re-read all the time! I have no particular criteria apart. The books I love, I re-read all the time!
    And I never tire of re-reading them either 🙂

  6. PNA says:

    I have these set number of books always with me whenever I stay at a place for a longer period of time and I re-read them, even though I know everything in them 😀 I call them my companions.. no criteria as such, it’s just some books I dearly love, for instance, I read some Famous Fives and St. Clares books every once in a month, and the Harry Potter series whenever I go home…. 😀

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