Tag Tuesday – 1

Here we go…our first ever Tag Tuesday question comes from one of the first posts on this blog, a reader’s comment on that post, to be specific –

I think everyone has a unique formula of book selection. Though the answer to questions like “what do you read?”, ranges from “everything” to “only mystery”; everyone consciously or sub-consciously has a selection criteria. In the beginning one may start by reading literally everything but after a period of time everybody develops a taste. On the other hand, it has also been observed that the essence of one’s reading percolates into one’s personality. It will be very educative if you ladies can write about what drives you to select a book for reading and how do you think it affects your point of view, knowledge, attitude; how you evolved as as reader.

So let’s take a part of that comment as this week’s question –

How do you as a reader decide which book to read? – Author? Reviews / Recommendations? Instinct? Genre? – What is your selection criteria?

We would love to read your response, so please do leave a comment and get the dialogue started.


20 comments on “Tag Tuesday – 1

  1. I decide based on a couple of things:

    1. If it’s an author I know and love, I will almost always buy their books without reading the summary

    2. The summary. If it’s intriguing and interesting in any way whatsoever, I will read it. A book cover may catch my eye but it’s the summary which will decide whether or not to read it.

  2. Swaram says:

    Author, appearance [cover+fonts+illustrations] and summary!

  3. Smitha says:

    Well, in the recent past, I have been going by recommendations of friends both from the blog world and outside. I do have a bunch of authors whose books I would pick up without hesitation.

    Some times, I pick up random books based on the summary. I seem to be leaning in favour of Asian authors quite a bit these days. Some turn out wonderful, some not so much, but I do enjoy reading authors I have never heard of before.

    • Titaxy says:

      I love reading authors I haven’t read before too. Every time I pick up books, at least one of the books I choose would be by an author who is new to me. I

  4. Smitha says:

    Just to add, some time back I used to haunt the best sellers list, pick out the ones that appeal to me and read them.

  5. Titaxy says:

    I go by the summary most of the times, or by my fav genres…this is mostly for fiction though. Non-fiction – I go by reviews / recommendations.

  6. oh just a week back Ritu had asked the same ques on her blog (http://phoenixritu.com/2010/09/a-question-gentle-readers/)

    I usually pick up a book
    1. known authors
    2. summary and plot
    3. feedback online and offline
    4. a new author who sounds promising somehow

  7. seed says:

    I try to select a book by an author who hails from a country that I know very little about (and it opens a lot of options as I don’t know much about any country 🙂 ). Such an author brings the cultural peculiarities of that land and of its people. It feels like a journey to a new and different place.
    I hesitate to draw a solid line between fiction and non-fiction as even fiction is to some extent a projection of the real world, people, and incidents.
    The most important questions about book selection, for me, are “will this book present a new world that I did know existed? Will it highlight an aspect of a known thing in such a way that it will change the way I perceive it? Will it widen my horizons?” If answers to any of such questions are “yes”, that is my book. And if the book has been recommended by someone whose taste I can trust, then no questions are asked 🙂

    • Titaxy says:

      Hello and welcome, seed- interesting name you’ve got there 🙂

      You know, it’s interesting to know that you do all this while selecting a book…I do a bit of this analysis only once I finish reading a book – like whether the book presented a new view, what new thing I learned from it, whether it will changed my perception, etc. 😀 .

      Thanks for visiting…we hope to see you here often.

  8. Scribbler says:

    I decide to read any book on pure impulse. Though while buying I would surely take recommendations / reviews into consideration but final call is taken by whether the book clicks to me or not. Be it any author or any story.

    So yes,Impulse buying and reading that is 🙂

  9. chinkurli says:

    Author, summary, friend recommendations (some/all of these have the potential to go horribly wrong, but worth the risk!) Also book reviews…then again, gut feel plays an important part. If I just can’t decide, I flip through a few pages and then know whether it “gels” 🙂

  10. PNA says:

    I don’t generally read reviews before picking up a book. I keep them for after the book is done 🙂

    Like Nu, says, it’s on an impulse, If I like something in it, I pick it up and I have ended up feeling repulsed too on a couple of occasions 😐

    I make a note though of a review, otherwise,

    If it is a first time author for me and I like the book, I will be reading a couple of more books by that author at a go… for instance, when I finally read Jeffrey Archer and Coelho, I ordered most of their published books and read them all:)

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