Tag Tuesday Series

Hello dear readers,

How are you?

After months of writing reviews and Front Cover Friday posts, the BWB team has decided to add to our bundle a series called Tag Tuesdays. We got the idea for the series from Booking Through Thursday site, and we want to do something similar – post a question on Tuesdays here on BWB and get a dialogue started. Your support / comment is one of the factors that motivates us, so please do join us on this new venture.

Watch this space for the first ever Tag Tuesday question tomorrow.

Thank you,
Team BWB.

P.S: As always, you are welcome to submit a question for this series (or FCF post, or a review) through a comment on a post, or email. Your suggestions / inputs are very much valued.


8 comments on “Tag Tuesday Series

  1. Smitha says:

    That sounds really interesting. Waiting for next tuesday now.

  2. Vineeta says:

    Wow!!This is really interesting! Would love to be part of it 🙂

  3. UmaS says:

    Ok…am adding u to my reader to know the latest things…keep them coming…interesting blog here for a bookworm like me.. 😉

  4. Scribbler says:

    So ! Finally here we start with yet another feature of our blog…YAY to us 🙂

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