Every Last One

…by Anna Quindlen.In this novel, Mary Beth Latham, a mother of three, narrates the story of her life. Ruby, her first born, is a teenager getting ready to go to college next year; Alex and Max, her twins, are nothing like each other; Glen, her husband, is a physician – the story revolves around this family. Mary Beth describes her everyday life as she deals Max’s depression and Ruby’s break up with her boyfriend Kiernan. Her normal life turns upside down after a tragedy hits home and she’s forced to face unbearable loss. What happens and how she deals with it is told in the rest of the book.

The first half the book was rather slow for me – the author goes on to build the characters and set the background for the tragedy that is about to take place – while it is necessary for what is to follow, I found it rather dragging in parts. Once the awful event happens, it’s a page turner – the pain and the grief is written so very well that it’ll bring out tears at times. The heartache that the narrator goes through is so upsetting; it provokes sympathy. It’s depressing, yes…but there’s something so compelling about that sorrow that it engages the reader with every word.

The writing style is absolutely amazing. It was the one of the reasons I got through the first half of the book…if not for that beautiful flow in prose, I might have given up. I would highly recommend the author, if not the book.

Overall, the second half sure has the potential to make the reader empathize with the narrator’s character – so, I would recommend it if you won’t be too bothered with the slow pace of the first half.

My rating: 3*.

*for the rating scale, click here.


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