Front Cover Friday – 19

The Dress Lodger by Sheri Holman

I found this cover very alluring. Doesn’t the cover convey something beautiful about the story? The colors here resonate, to me, hardship and prosperity at the same time – while the brownish background of the cover echoes suffering, the blue brings out something deep and rich – very expressive, I thought.

Here’s the summary from Sehlfari –

The Dress Lodger is engrossing historical fiction. As in the best of its genre, Sheri Holman’s atmospheric, miasmic tale set in cholera-stricken Sunderland, England, circa 1831 is based on fact. Its epigraph from Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary –“Grave: A place where the dead are laid to await the coming of the medical student”–casts the novel’s thematic lodestone, steering the reader into a deathly plot pursued through streets emanating the sounds, insufferable smells, humor, adversities, and disease of an early-19th-century industrial city. Fifteen-year-old Gustine–the dress lodger–is a potter’s assistant by day, prostitute by night. Her overbearing pimp and landlord has her permanently shadowed by an indefatigable, mysterious old woman “called Eyeball or Evil Eye or Gray Sister by boys who have read their Homer, but mostly called just plain Eye.” Otherwise how could he guard his investment in the startling blue dress in which Gustine rents herself? Her trade, he explains, “works on this basic principle: a cheap whore is given a fancy dress as a higher class of prostitute, the higher the station of the clientèlle; the higher the station, the higher the price.” Gustine’s garment beckons Henry Chiver, an ambitious young surgeon who has fled Edinburgh, having been implicated in the convictions of infamous pioneer anatomists Burke and Hare for murder and grave robbing. For this doctor, desperate to reestablish his tarnished reputation through medical discovery, the heart is the favorite organ, “the singular fascination of his life.” But to further his researches, and quell the increasing demands of his paying students–who are restless for induction into the arts of the scalpel–Henry requires dead bodies for dissection, to the horror of his naïve, philanthropic fiancée. But the Anatomy Act, which allows doctors to obtain corpses legally, has yet to pass through Parliament, and a suspicious public is terrifying itself with stories of murderous “burkers.” Street-smart Gustine, a pragmatist trapped in unrelenting poverty, is all heart for her nameless little son who wears–literally–his heart on the outside. His rare case of ectopia cordis is just the sort of anatomical anomaly whose study would make a name for the doctor. Amid the gathering momentum of the cholera epidemic, Henry and Gustine strike up a fatal pact: life for her son in exchange for a fresh supply of dead bodies for Henry’s dissection.

I have a special liking for historic fiction, so I had to pick this book up as soon as I laid my eyes on it. I will be reading this sometime next month; will update this space as to how the experience turns out.

Did you like the cover? The storyline? Do share.


2 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 19

  1. Scribbler says:

    at first it didn’t appeal me much to be honest but after reading your point of view of the cover I think it makes sense 🙂

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