The Other Half Lives

Yet another thriller by Sophie Hannah. Ruth Bussey and her boyfriend Aidan Seed decide to be entirely honest with each other before taking their relationship to the next level. Ruth has done something in her past she regrets and has been punished for the same. She herself is trying to rebuild her life and hasn’t ever spoken to anyone about her past. Not even Aidan. Aidan too is troubled by his past and hasn’t spoken to anyone. Until he confides in Ruth. That he killed someone years ago. A woman called Mary Trelease.

The problem is, Ruth knows a Mary Trelease. And this Mary Trelease is well and truly alive.

Ruth involves the local police to try and convince Aidan that he did not kill anyone. Aidan himself comes forth to the police claiming he killed Mary Trelease in the very address she is currently living. He describes her appearance and the police upon checking the address, find Mary very much alive. With all forms of identification.

But all is not right with Mary. Why is she so possessive about her paintings? Why won’t she let anyone see her paintings? What is she scared about?

What is there about Ruth’s past that has left her so traumatised? What is she hiding?

Why is Aidan hell bent on the saying he killed someone when she is very much alive?And how is he able to predict the series of paintings Mary is going to do even before she has done it?

Sophie Hannah takes you through twists and turns once again and weaves a fantastic psychological thriller. She takes us into the minds of the sadistic persons leaving little clues for us through the way. She keeps us wanting more and turning the pages to find out the answers to all the above. Some of the story is a bit far-fetched, especially if you pause to think about it. But on the whole, it is an entertaining read and a page-turner.

Sophie Hannah is fast becoming an author I enjoy reading when it comes to thrillers. Possibly because unlike every other mystery writer, I can’t seem to predict the main culprit.

I give this a rating of 3

Let me know what you think of her books if you’ve read them.

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6 comments on “The Other Half Lives

  1. Audrey says:

    I have not read this author yet, but this is a good review and I would like to check this one out, so thank you for posting this :}. You might also enjoy Harry Taylor’s new crime thriller called, “Rogues, Riches and Retribution.” It’s very intriguing and not like other murder stories I have read.

    • Welcome Audrey! I think I will check that book out…it goes on my ‘to read’ list which is getting longer by the day! :S Do keep visiting our blog and recommending books 🙂

  2. Nu says:

    That’s something to read I guess…

    Now I’m more convinced that you’ll like ‘the shadow of the wind’ since the author till the end never let’s you guess who’s the main lead of the mystery 🙂

    • Damn…I’m tempted more and more…but have to control myself!!!

      • Nu says:

        yes yes control !! I’m with you on know I almost had opened flipkart’s website to order few books and then reminded myself that I have to finish the unread lot on the shelf…

        our love for books is never ending in that sense 🙂

  3. […] I would like to say two and a half) only compared to her other books like Point of Rescue, The Other half lives, Little Face and especially Hurting […]

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