Front Cover Friday – 12

Isn’t this beautifully mysterious ?

and the second one ?

From the reviews I gather it is another heart breaking , political and soul-searching story set in Montreal and Cambodia. It is both beautiful yet painful at the same time.

The Book Description reads

After more than 30 years Anne Greves feels compelled to break her silence about her first lover, and a treacherous pursuit across Cambodia’s killing fields. Once she was a motherless girl from taciturn immigrant stock. Defying fierce opposition, she falls in love with Serey, a gentle rebel and exiled musician. She’s still only 16 when he leaves her in their Montreal flat to return to Cambodia And, after a decade without word, she abandons everything to search for him in the bars of Phnom Penh, a city traumatized by the Khmer Rouge slaughter. Against all odds the lovers are reunited, and in a political country where tranquil rice paddies harbour the bones of the massacred, Anne pieces together a new life with Serey. But there are wounds that love cannot heal, and some mysteries too dangerous to know. And when Serey disappears again, Anne discovers a story she cannot bear. Haunting, vivid, elegiac, The Disappeared is a tour de force; at once a battle cry and a piercing lamentation, for truth, for love.

Interesting ha ? The first look at the cover made me think it is about India. The way the cover is done induced that thought probably. I am definitely looking forward to read this one.


7 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 12

  1. Titaxy says:

    Totally love them both. They give somewhat of a serene, peaceful feeling 🙂

  2. Nu says:

    I loved the blue…

  3. Loved the first one more than the second…and you’re right it does remind you of India… 🙂

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