Front Cover Friday – 10

I could not resist to include covers from both books “The Twentieth Wife” and “The Feast of Roses”  by Indu Sundaresan.  I loved them both equally. It made sense to include both; because they relate with each other. ” The Feast of Roses” is sequel of “The Twentieth Wife”.

Both the novels base in historical India precisely from Mughal Era. It is captivating story of young and bright girl Mehrunnissa who wishes becoming Prince Salim’s wife more widely known as Empress Nur Jahan.  A tale of power , love and woman’s life behind the veil.

Having read both the books; they are highly recommended. Indu Sundaresan stays one of my favorite writer of all the time.


10 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 10

  1. PNA says:

    Beautiful covers, Maroon on silk is always a winner…and the gold jewellery adding to the ethnic lubric. I had borrowed the Tweflth Wife once upon a time from the office library, never got around to reading it!! I took it and returned it the next week..shd take it again:)
    My vote for the twelfth wife cover Misty:)

  2. PNA says:

    oops me thinks me borrowed another book, now that I read the title a little closely it says twentieth wife!! Or maybe I read the name wrong back then and now too!! tricks of the eye..ahaa:):)

  3. Booklover says:

    Sounds interesting! Haven’t read either though

  4. Titaxy says:

    lovely both of them, but I like the first cover (Twentieth wife) better than the other. Charming!

  5. Swaram says:

    Echo what u said abt Indu Sundaresan. Hv read twentieth wife .. shud get the sequel 🙂

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