Two in one

I am trying to cover two books in one go.

Who’s that Girl – By Alexandra Potter

Rumour has it  – By Jill Mansell

What’s Common –

  • Light fun read. Most suitable for travel
  • Chick Lit
  • Predictable Endings

Who’s That Girl – It is story of Charolett Merryweather 31 year old girl who is successfully running her own PR firm. She thinks she has most hectic life and does not have time to take off and relax. She has forgotten to enjoy small pleasures of life. She is in a relationship which she thinks can be worked out. One fine day she meets her old self aged at 21 and she hates her own choices then. She makes a list of advices she would pass to “Lottie” as she was own then. In the process she learns what she has lost in all these years. Speaking up her mind; doing something that she loves ( like writing novel than running a PR firm) she gets all this back from meeting her own self. Not to forget Oliver. Olly the barman from young age who she never noticed then.

In the end everything falls in place with a sweet and happy ending.

Rumour Has it – Tilly Cole who just broke with her boy friend moves from London to Roxborough where her best friend is located. After moving she just realizes the small town Roxborough is hub of rumours. Tilly is much happy with her new Friday Girl job. She almost falls for Jack Lucas when she meets him. She find him irresistible but his rumoured reputation about women stops her. She never believes his genuine feelings towards her. Just before she thinks she is gonna lose him.


9 comments on “Two in one

  1. Rumour Has It seems like a quinessential Mills and Boon kindish stuff!!

  2. Smitha says:

    I loved Rumour has it – it was a proper feel good chick lit. I keep seeing Who’s that Girl- but have not ended up picking it up. Will pick it up the next time for sure.

    I love reading pure chick lits once in a while – they are a total pick-me-up, aren’t they 🙂

    • BlueMist says:

      Smitha you are the first one that I have seen who loves Chick lit so openly. Otherwise a lot of people look down to Chick lit and prefer not mentioning it. I have no issues with accepting my love for such light read. They are totally pick up me as you say. 🙂

      oh btw have you read Sophie Kinsella ? If you have give me some good picks.

      and who’s that girl made me stop and ponder about my own self ten years back. It was good read 🙂

  3. Shweta says:

    I have only read one book by Jill Mansell that is ‘Miranda’s Big Mistake ‘ it was a fun predictable book but with a plot that keep hooked to the book. I will have to keep a look out for this one.

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