The lovely bones

By Alice Sebold.

Where should I start about it ? I don’t want to call this as a book review per se. For a simple reason I can not do justice to things that touch my soul. I am biased and my opinions will be biased. I can not do a balanced detached review of those things. So here it is what I feel about the Book.

If I can describe it two words it would be “heart twinging”. Few months ago I got attracted to the book cover. When I read through the synopsis; I decided it is not my kind of book. A few weeks ago I got a chance to lay my hands on the book. I read a few pages and there it gripped me. I just went on turning page after page.

The book begins with a shock. The protagonist Susie Salomon is dead. The guy called George Harvey in her neighbourhood brutally rapes her and murders her. Susie then who goes to Heaven takes us through the journey of her family; coping with the loss. I felt like I was with Susie in her Gazebo watching from above her family her loved ones.

Nobody from The Salomons actually gets over Susie’s death. But everyone has different way of dealing with their emotions. Jack, Susie’s father gets frozen in time. He can never move on even though the life moves on. His marriage with Abigail ; Susie’s Mum gets cold. Abigail tries to find solace at strange places. She tries to run way with the truth. Lindsay her sister tries in her own ways; trying to be her. Life moves on yet it does not in certain way.

From chapter one ; you wish and wish strongly how they could nail down the killer and get him punished. But it never happens. It is kind of frustrating. Nobody but Susie’s dad believes that George Harvey is the killer.

Some of the moments are beyond words. When the family members and friends feel Susie’s presence. I could not hold back my tears when Abigail and Jack meet in hospital after his second heart attack. The scene is so real so touching you almost feel the pain.

I am much impressed by Alice Sebold’s style. Words just flow like string of pearls. Not a single moment they lose the grip. I see it was a difficult plot.

I am planning to watch the movie soon. Thanks to Soli and T who told me about the movie. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Lastly there are only two possibilities as far as the book is concerned. Either you will fall in love with it or you will hate it. Mine is former case. There is no middle ground here.


13 comments on “The lovely bones

  1. Nu says:

    this cover is so pretty 🙂

    The plot is intriguing…and I must read the book !

  2. Nice review—even if you insist on not calling it a review 😉

  3. Titaxy says:

    Lovely review, of course 🙂

    I was attracted to the cover too and read the synopsis and instantly knew I had to read the book. This is so my kind of read :). But haven’t gotten ard to reading it yet, will do soon.

  4. The review is moving, almost made me cry… I am making of list of books recommended by blogging friends and am adding this one to it. I wish we had Indian authors writing good books about similar issues in India. We need to see how devastating a death and a cruel death like a rape can be for a family.
    As of now we see it through very Bollywood eyes, where the girl must marry the man (if he doesn’t kill her, which they rarely show him do, and she always kills herself)…
    Your post made me really think and then go and on… do excuse the rambling.

  5. Shweta says:

    I really liked the writing and it even made me cry at a some places but the theme itself was very unsettling. I consider Harvey to be the creepiest (is that a word 🙂 ) character ,I have read thus far. This one put me off reading for like a few days. Powerful but not for everyone. I didn’t hate it but didn’t love it either.

  6. I read this book and was told by several people, including the cashier at the bookstore, that this was the most brilliant book ever! And because of that, I read it with extremely high expectations and it fell short of those. I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t looooove it as people had said. Maybe if I had read it with no expectations whatsoever, it may have been different.

  7. wishesgalore says:

    some days ago i finished reading “The Time Traveller’s Wife”..The cover page has a caption “Another ‘The Lovely Bones'” by some critic..
    I loved the book..and you post makes sure that the lovely bones would be as nice..though the plot is soo depressing:((

    • BlueMist says:

      I am not sure like I said I am biased. Besides death is huge part of real life one wants or not have to deal with it. So I don’t associate depression with it.

  8. […] Sebold tries a different tact but so far she hasn’t really done it for me. Her other book The Lovely Bones was previously reviewed on our blog and has received rave reviews but I had different opinions […]

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