Front Cover Friday – 3

What is there not to like in this cover ? Life  colored in sepia as half part and as much vibrant in second half part. Isn’t life like that actually ? For me it was difficult to decide what added more life to this cover. Was it the hazy picture of the couple and child or was the vibrant paisley designed part. I kind of liked the title as well. When I read the synopsis of the book; I kept on nodding that the title makes so much sense.

Book Synopsis says

When Frank and Ellie Benton lose their only child, seven-year-old Benny, to a sudden illness, the perfect life they had built is shattered. Filled with wrenching memories, their Ann Arbor home becomes unbearable, and their marriage founders. But an unexpected job half a world away offers them an opportunity to start again. Life in Girbaug, India, holds promise—and peril—when Frank befriends Ramesh, a bright, curious boy who quickly becomes the focus of the grieving man’s attentions. Haunted by memories of his dead son, Frank is consumed with making his family right—a quest that will lead him down an ever-darkening path with stark repercussions.

Interesting isn’t it ? Unfortunately I have not read a single book by Thrity Umrigar. I have read her other creations are much acclaimed as well. She creates magic with her words. Can’t wait to get this book. It has got very good reviews and lovely cover as added bonus.


9 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 3

  1. Titaxy says:

    There is just something so soothing about the top half of the cover 🙂 And I love the contrast in the cover too. I haven’t read this author, but will be sure to add to my list 🙂 nice one, Misty

  2. Nu says:

    Sounds really interesting…And yes the cover represents life in general ! Nice pick Misty 🙂

  3. Nice cover….and yes, the top half does complement the bottom….the story seems interesting too. I’ve never heard of this author. But will add to my wishlist! 🙂

  4. Fine. Another author in my list!
    And yes the cover is beautiful, I like!

  5. […] since I had Thrity Umrigar’s Book “The weight of heaven “  for our front cover friday series; she was on my “must-read” list. So there at first opportunity I ordered her book “ […]

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