Front Cover Friday – 2

The Writing Class caught my eye some months ago as I was perusing through my local book store. The attractive and yet, simple cover appealed to me. It may have had to do with my love for writing and my love for stationery. I found this cover to be a very unique way of presenting the characters in the book (i.e. those undertaking the writing class) as well as at the same time, managing to convey the setting. And I’m sure we can all tell based on the different pens that represent each character, just how different these characters are. And have you all made your assumptions about these characters like I have?? πŸ™‚

Anyway, I haven’t yet read this book. But it’s still on my to-read list.

The book is a whodunnit and is about a murder. At the same time, it is also humourous. I guess you could think of it as those black comedy movie genres.

A review by Deborah Oakes on Associated Content had this to say about the book:

This class of wannabes is rich with characters and what takes place among them is ingenious. There are students in the class to actually learn to write, some to meet the opposite sex, a doctor, lawyer, one student who worships Amy and other assorted individuals.

What Jincy Willet does with this canvas is hysterical. I don’t think I have enjoyed fiction writing so much. It was particularly interesting because the story is told from several points of view. One narrator you don’t know until the end who it is but it adds interest. Jincy never lost me with this part of the plot in her fiction novel.

Once the murder mystery started though, I didn’t enjoy the book as much. Imagine my disappointment because I didn’t find the novel nearly as entertaining after that. I felt the material was great without murder and I wanted it to continue. I will say this though, the murder mystery is good and kept me guessing. I felt drawn right into the action of it.

It looks like a light read and I still intend on buying it despite the review saying the murder bit was a disappointment. Who knows? I might just stumble upon another favourite author?


18 comments on “Front Cover Friday – 2

  1. BlueMist says:

    and I love it .
    Being big fan of pens. πŸ˜€
    and I agree it is very creative way to represent the characters in the books.

  2. Titaxy says:

    love it! This is definitely going to my wish list πŸ˜€

  3. Nu says:

    wow cover !! πŸ™‚ Nice pick !

  4. Love..Love..Love the cover..Adding it to my wish list as well..

    Sigh..that list is getting bigger and bigger thanks to you gals and I can’t seem to find the time to pick even a single book 😦

    At this rate, I need to stop coming here..But can’t resist can I πŸ™‚

  5. Pins N Ashes says:

    Me too love stationary. And I feel lost without a pen stand with all those different colours, ink, erasers n scales n pencils n stencils on the table:P

    Attractive book, clean-white, but very colourful….vibrant…. I would have picked this up too…. wow!

    Good Day

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