Exploring Ideas

Hello dear readers,

The BWB team has a couple of new ideas that we are planning to put in action…Front Cover Fridays, starting tomorrow and Reader’s Choice, starting next month. Here’s the tidbit on what these plans are all about…

Front Cover FridaysA day of every week dedicated to appreciating the creative work that goes into designing a book cover. Not our original initiative…BM brought it to the group’s attention after seeing this being implemented on other blogs and we agreed to take this up going on forward on this blog. The basic idea behind this is to find a book cover which has a design that we are attracted to, do a post on why we like the cover, how we think the cover relates to the storyline, whether or not the cover-storyline relationship makes sense, if or not the story sounds interesting enough to be added to our wish-list. Sounds good?

If any one of you has any suggestion, a book cover that interested you in some way, please do write to us. You can do a guest post on a Friday, in case you are interested in this topic or just give us an input as to whatever cover you discover so that we can go ahead and write what we think. We would love to hear from you…so please do write.

Reader’s ChoiceA day or two towards the end of each month dedicated to discussing a particular book. Kind of like an online book club theme. Towards the end of the month we will give a list of a few books out of which you will be asked to vote for one. The book that is chosen will be the Reader’s Choice book of the following month…when we all read that book and come back towards the end of the month to have a discussion on our likes and dislikes. This will be more interactive than the book reviews (we hope) and will give us all a chance to discuss something that we all have read. You like?

So, for the next month’s Reader’s Choice, please give us some input on what books are on your wish-list for Feb. We will take your suggestions and our own, come up with a list and open the final selection process sometime next week. We want to take in your input…so please do suggest a title or two.

Questions? Concerns? Leave a comment or write to us at bondwithbooks(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

Thank you all.

-Team BWB


14 comments on “Exploring Ideas

  1. chattterbox says:

    Excellent ideas 😀

    I especially loved the front cover Friday. It has happened to me countless times that I give in to the beauty and attractiveness of the book’s cover even if the story at the back cover is half decent.

    I’d love to add in my input to these for sure.

    Keep up the fabulous work 😀


    • Titaxy says:

      Yay! glad you like it CB. All credit goes to BM for researching and letting us know of the idea 🙂

      We would love to take your inputs in…(if you are interested) have you do a guest post on some Friday, if there’s a specific cover that has caught your attention.

      Looking forward to having all the fun.

    • BlueMist says:

      YAY !! Thank you CB. I am sure next time you like a book cover; you are gonna remember FCF. 😉
      Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy posting them at our end.

  2. A book on my wish list for a while has been ‘Daughter of the Ganges – Asha Miro’
    Another one is ‘The good earth – Pearl S. Buck’

    A book I picked up based on it’s cover was ‘Born confused – Tanuja Desai Hidier’. See the cover http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Born_Confused and you will probably understand. The cover along with the name and the term ABCD thrown all over the place here, and I did pick up the book.

  3. i like this idea… let me get back to u on some of the nice covers of the book i have read in the recent past

  4. Pins N Ashes says:

    U know what, we had a course titled “Let’s Read What It Says” during which we did a lot of experiments with the book as such minus the actual writing part (which is done in every other literature course)… the cover, the blurb, the stem, the front page, miniature art, the font, font size, position of page numbers, the amount of information.. including the weight of the book, the type of binding, publisher symbols, all those little details we tend to ignore or take for granted while reading or selecting a book…..

    We had fun during those 4 months of the course and the examination was a 5 hour one, where so many aspects of the publishing industry and the book perse were analysed…..

    Misty Kudos to you for the idea:)

  5. soin says:

    i like the cover ideas.there are some really brilliant ones.will get back with few later.free

  6. […] mentioned in one of the earlier posts, the Reader’s Choice book reading endeavor will start from February. We’ve put together […]

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