The God of Small Things

…by Arundhati Roy.

A story set in the 1960’s Kerala (for the most part); it is about the lives of fraternal twins, Rahel and Estha, who live with their divorced Mother, grandmother, uncle and grand aunt. It starts with their cousin Sophie’s funeral and goes back to reveal all the events that lead to her morbid death. The book gets into how every little incident can add up and bring about a wave of change and how life can, indeed, turn upside down in just a day. It touches everything from abuse to sex to spread of Communism to death to discrimination.

It’s a good book. Not too great, not too bad. And here’s why…

I liked the realistic portrayal of characters. A mother’s pure affection for her children, yet her frustrations as to how they might be keeping her away from other things. A sibling’s hope to be close to her twin forever, yet life’s twists that puts them on different paths. A child’s innocent mind. Deaths and other hardships of life. It comes to show that life isn’t always rosy. And it doesn’t always have happy endings.

The author’s writing style was different. It took me a while to get used to it, but I enjoyed it. When I read the book, it took me sometime to follow the time line. The way the story was all over the place confused me a little, but once I got the big picture, I started to follow the flow of the story. The author’s use of metaphors and similes every now and then made it a delight to read.

One thing I could not bring myself to enjoy was her way of Capitalizing words in between sentences. Maybe I just didn’t get the point or something, but it was a little distracting for me.

So, overall, a good read. Not too great, not too bad.

My rating: 3*.

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