Gently falls the bakula

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Author: Sudha Murty
ISBN: 978-0-14310-377-6

Price: 150 INR

Other works: Here

A story of two neighbors-Shrimati and Shrikant. They study together and fall in love. Their family backgrounds are distinct and yet they decide to get married.  Shrikant works in an IT company and is soon very successful.HE gets busier in his work and becomes ambitious to an extent that he forgets keeps Shrimati aside from his life. On other hand Shrimati leaves her career and her ambitions behind and supports Shrikant as a good housewife sensible and organised personal assistant.

But does Shrimati continues to follow this path of her life which is taking her no where? Does Shrimati realize that she is no more counted in Shrikant’s world as a wife but mere organizer ? Shrimati soon reaches to a point where she is forced to question herself that ‘where does she stand in Shrikant’s life ?’ ‘what is aim of her own existence?’ ‘what about her career and ambitions?’

A story of  a female who gave up her career to fulfill the family responsibilities. A story of a marriage which takes place due to a soft puppy love under the Bakula tree and looses it’s essence in the race of career and ambitions.

Pluses:Easy read. Gripping.Not very lengthy. Takes you through the stages of a relationship- right from its inception.

Minuses:The end is saddening but as you read the entire story you might feel that it’s logical in every way.

I bought this book for 2 reasons: I wanted to read Sudha Murty and the story appeared very intense and gripping.And as it turned out the book really takes you through the heart and mind of intelligent and responsible woman and ambitious and courageous man. It is a good read and I’m impressed with the ease of words that Sudha puts the story into.

My rating for this book is 3


Love the one you’re with

book cover of   Love the One You're with   by  Emily Giffin

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Author: Emily Giffin

ISBN: 978-0-7528-7582-8


Other works: ‘Something Blue’, ‘Baby Proof’ and ‘Something Borrowed’.

It’s the story of Ellen, Andrew and Leo.  It happens exactly after 100 days after Ellen became Mrs. Andrew Graham. It takes place at a diner near Union Square. Two strangers, crossing each other and making a usual eye contact. But that was not that. There was something going inside the two souls.  And it , for a moment ,shook Ellen’s confidence of what she believed had gone right in past 100 days.

It’s a story of Ellen and Leo-that’s the right way to put it. A point comes in your life where you are forced to ask yourself- Can you truly love the one you are with when you cannot forget the one who got away?

A poignant tale of love, passion, family, marriage, commitment.

Pluses: A very easy flow of narration, very good hold on language, presented in a subtle and interesting manner.

Minuses: No minuses as such, but you will feel that the story has been told before.

My Rating 4