A little welcome and thanks post

Welcome to our Book Blog here. The whole credit goes to Titaxy for starting this new blog. We-Nu,BM and PB are glad that we could join in as co-authors of this blog. Thanks Tixie !

It’s going to be an amazing experience for us authors and hopefully for you readers as well 🙂

You will surely get to read a variety of reviews on various books coming from different backgrounds. It’s sure is going to be a fun job.

However, if at all you feel that there is something to be added or modified in a particular review please drop us an email.

Wishing all of us a nice reading and writing journey together!


9 comments on “A little welcome and thanks post

  1. I feel bad now that I didn’t do a post like this!! 😦

    But I’m so glad we are getting together and doing this. Can I just say — I think it’s amazing how 4 gals from 4 different continents can collaborate on one blog! Amazing world we live in! Gotta love the internet age…

  2. Nu says:

    Nicely put PB…4 people from 4 countries..1 motive…lovely 🙂

    And don’t be sad that you didn’t write a post like this..I wrote this on behalf of all of us 🙂

    Cheers !

  3. Cheers!!
    nice initiative of course……….

    i will b following u 😀

  4. noname says:

    Great idea! I wish this blog flourishes by leaps and bounds. I think everyone has a unique formula of book selection. Though the answer to questions like “what do you read?”, ranges from “everything” to “only mystery”; everyone consciously or sub-consciously has a selection criteria. In the beginning one may start by reading literally everything but after a period of time everybody develops a taste. On the other hand, it has also been observed that the essence of one’s reading percolates into one’s personality. It will be very educative if you ladies can write about what drives you to select a book for reading and how do you think it affects your point of view, knowledge, attitude; how you evolved as as reader. It will be nice to know such things from writers. Thanks and all the best!

    • Nu says:

      Hi,Noname: Welcome to our book blog. We will surely take up your suggestion and will try to work on it.

      Hope you will have a nice time reading our reviews.

  5. […] on September 28, 2010 by Titaxy Here we go…our first ever Tag Tuesday question comes from one of our first posts on this blog, a reader’s comment on that post, to be specific – I think everyone has a unique […]

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